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5 Wardrobe items every woman should own by the time they’re 30

By August 3, 2017Outfit Inspiration

With Sizeable’s 3rd birthday slipping past me this May and my slightly older friends starting the avalanche of 30th birthdays that will continue for the next couple of years (don’t worry y’all, mine isn’t until next year!), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about growing up.

Mostly, I’ve been thinking about how my wardrobe needs to evolve to keep up with my age, because more often than not I find myself feeling like I’m dressed like a child.

And yes, I know that’s what bright colours and sneakers with everything will do for a person, but sometimes I look at people like my older sisters who have their shit together from head to toe and wish I wasn’t so damn scruffy all the time.

Now, part of this is definitely an attitude problem. After all, I know plenty of wonderful, successful women who aren’t afraid of having a little bit of fun with their wardrobe. It seems to me that an adult wardrobe is less about slacks and seriousness and more about finding the confidence to say to hell with what’s in fashion as long as it makes you feel damn good.

So after all my online shopping and inner soul searching I’ve come up with a list of 5 wardrobe items every woman should own.

This isn’t a capsule wardrobe. Hell, this isn’t even a specific list. This is a list of 5 clothing items that you love and that make you feel amazing.

5 wardrobe items every woman should own by the time they’re 30

  1. A statement jacket
    What kind of statement? That’s up to you. It might be, “Damn, I’m cosy.” Or maybe you’d rather have one that says, “Even my outerwear is blinged out.” We so often get caught up in looking sexy or classic and go for the coat that we’re told we need to have, that we forget that a jacket’s number one function is keeping you warm. After that we can send any message we like as long as the warmth is happening. Plus when you’re attending lots of winter functions a statement coat means you’ll always look fabulous – even if it is way too cold to show off the amazing dress you have on underneath.
  2. Pants that make your butt look amazingI used to be vehemently against leggings as pants, but that was before I started working freelance from home for the half the week. It is incredibly difficult to put on jeans or even tights and a dress (it’s winter here guys – in summer I’m a loose dress kinda gal!) when you know you’re only going to be leaving the house to walk your dog. And when you do that I figure I better put on runners for the health of my feet, so somehow leggings become the obvious choice. These days I wear them more often than I’d like to admit and definitely way more often than is necessary – let’s just say the activewear to activeness ratio in my life is severely out of whack. So now that I’m mostly back in the office life (albeit, a very casual office) I’ve come to appreciate the power of a great pair of pants – the kind that make my butt sit up and pay attention. Whether they’re silk, denim or leather it doesn’t matter, just so long as it keeps your butt happy!
  3. Shoes that make you strut
    I am a sparkly shoe fanatic (hey, I told you I dress like a child…) and I have this one pair of glitter brogues that are sadly not so glittery anymore, but for some reason every time I put them on I find myself walking down the street like I’m stomping down a runway. Sometimes it is a great pair of pumps or maybe it’s those daring thigh high boots. Whatever style they are, find yourself some shoes that make you walk like you have just been possessed by the ghost of Beyonce in her Crazy in Love film clip and strut the hell out of that imaginary runway.
  4. A dress that turns heads
    We already know that I’m a big fan of colour, but we all have something that will keep making us feel like a million bucks time and time again. Maybe it’s a dress that shows off your amazing figure, or maybe it’s a print that gets you compliments every time you wear it. Forget the old LBD advice and find yourself something incredible. Lace, sequins or a bold jewel tone. Don’t let yourself be a wallflower and watch the sea of heads turn as you walk into a room.
  5. That one item that will always bring a smile to your face
    Sounds vague? Yeah that happens. I have never been a big believer in dressing for your mood – mostly because I tend to plan my outfits the night before so I don’t have to turn on any lights in the morning. What I do believe in is dressing for the person you’re going to need to be the next day. Got a business meeting and a dreary weather forecast? My outfit is probably going to involve at least one bright colour to perk me up. But do you know what item I will reach for when I’m having an awful morning? My barrel o’monkeys necklace or my moustache necklace. They both bring a smile to my face every time I wear them, plus they always get compliments which is another way to get perked up. Find that item that brings you joy and never let it go.

Did you have any thoughts on wardrobe items every woman should own? Tell me your picks!

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