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The new direction for Sizeable in 2017

By May 22, 2017Sizeable news

When I started Sizeable 3 years ago I assumed it was going to be a pretty straight forward online store with a few extra models. I thought I would sell some clothes, make some money and maybe be able to expand my offering within a year.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t that easy.

Sure I sold some clothes, and made a little bit of money (although nothing that could be misconstrued as a profit – in fact I’m still getting myself out of debt from my over enthusiastic spending… oops!), but my vision for expansion was always just beyond my fingertips.

I had been hoping to offer more sizes within a year, but was held back by the brands I could offer.

It seemed I had 3 options: continue with the exclusionary sizing offered by the brands who took a chance on an unknown and untested business, start importing poorly made clothing that was almost certainly made in a sweatshop (something I tried very hard to avoid), or segregate my website into “standard” and “plus sized” sizes (again something I really didn’t want to do).

As a result nothing really changed.

In a heartbeat the years flew by and I was essentially right where I started – offering the same limited sizes and beating myself up over the fact that my shopping revolution never really happened. The only difference was now I had a room in our house stuffed to the brim with clothing and a depressingly depleted bank account.

So what did I do? I stopped spending money on my business. I stopped ordering stock. I paid off my debts. I unsubscribed from pretty much everything that was deducting money from my bank account. Basically, I stopped running my business.

2016 was the year I decided to sort my shit out, putting Sizeable on the back-burner and letting it just continue along as is while I figured out if I was ready to end this journey or if I had the energy in me to keep going.

It was clear that my current model wasn’t working and at the very least I had to make changes to the way Sizeable operates.

Based on the conversations I have had with our customers throughout the life of Sizeable, I learnt 3 big things:

  1. I learnt that you loved seeing all of our models rocking the different outfits, even if it was just for voyeuristic purposes.
  2. You were inspired to try new styles based off what you saw, but often weren’t sure how to start and would seek out styling advice.
  3. And finally, that no matter what size we wear, pretty much everyone is plagued with some insecurities when it comes to our bodies.

As a result, I’m going to be making some big changes to Sizeable this year.

First, I’m working towards a clean slate so will be attempting to sell off every last piece of stock we have (so expect to see flash sales, discount codes and pop up shops throughout the year).

Then I’ll be switching the way the store works so that we’re holding less stock and can give you better, more detailed styling advice. This means we might have a more limited run of products or it might mean we’ll show you an outfit for each body shape along with several options for where you can buy whichever items you like best.

We’ll also be offering virtual styling sessions and style challenges throughout the year to help you reclaim your wardrobe. (You can visit our Contact page to register your interest for this!)

And finally, we’re going to be focussing more on body positivity, self esteem and healthy living through these blog posts, challenges and some exciting developments that we’ll go into further down the track.

Ultimately, it’s going to be a pretty big year for us and we hope you come along for the ride!

Love, Riss

P.s. Here’s a cheeky discount code for making it to the end of this long rambling post!




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